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Sales Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Payment terms, transfers of ownership and credit facilities                                                                             

–  Payment shall be made on terms stipulated by the company in writing on acceptance of the order.

–  Payment for goods shall be made without any deductions whatsoever, under no circumstances shall any retention fund provision be applicable.

–  Ownership of any goods purchased shall remain vested in the company until all monies owing to the company have been paid in full.

–  If the owner uses the company’s goods in any construction works, the customer cedes to the company all rights in and to any contractor’s lien, which may be related to such works.

–  In the event of the customer’s default the company shall be entitled to recover possession of its goods passed to the customer where ownership of such goods has not been transferred and may do so without notice and without the necessity to cancel the contract of sale. The company will credit the customer’s account with the value of such goods at the invoice amount less handling charge 20% and further allowance for goods depreciation due to any cause whatsoever.


  • All prices quoted shall exclude Value Added Tax.
  • Notwithstanding any provision to the contrary here or elsewhere contained, fluctuations in our costs for any reason shall be for the purchaser’s account.
  • Prices applicable shall be the ruling prices on the date of delivery unless stated otherwise.


  • All goods are backed by the manufacturer’s warranty against faulty design, material, or workmanship. Any claim for a defect in the goods sold by us will be passed on to the manufacture/supplier who will determine factually whether the claim is justified. We undertake to diligently pursue customer’s claim to the best of our ability in the customer’s interest, but the manufacture’s decision shall be final. The company shall not be held liable for, and the customer exempts the Company from any liability whatsoever for any damages either direct or consequential.
  • Claim will not be considered if goods is not returned in original packaging.


  • The company’s responsibility ceases on delivery to the customer, railways, post office or carrier or client’s own transport.
  • Where the Company undertake delivery with its own vehicles, it shall be the public kerb line at the entrance to the customer’s site. The Company delivery vehicles enter, and remain on, the customer’s site at the customer’s sole risk. The customer hereby indemnifies the company against any late Delivery and shall accept delivery when affected.
  • Any time and date for delivery is given in good faith. The customer shall not be entitled to cancel or repudiate the contract or claim charges due to delivery and shall accept delivery when affected.


  • Any claim which the purchaser may have must be lodged in writing within 7 days from the date of supply, stating the nature and extent of the claim.
  • Failure to object in writing to any item on the Company’s statement account within 14 days of date of dispatch of such statement shall be deemed to be acceptance a prima facia proof of the correctness of such indebtedness.


  • In the event of an order being given to the company on the customer’s official order form, the customer shall be stopped from denying the validity of such order notwithstanding the fact that such order may have been signed by a person not authorized by the customer.
  • Goods may only be issued against a written order either on a customer’s own order form or the company’s order form. Telephonic orders will only be accepted if the customer’s order number is quoted and the physical order to be faxed or posted and marked “confirmation” only.
  • Handling fee of 20% will incur against the requested deposit if the order is cancelled.
  • No cancellation of special ordered goods.

Goods returned

  • The acceptance by the Company of any return of goods shall be a matter entirely in the Company’s discretion, and if accepted, a handling charge shall be levied as appropriate to the type of goods returned.
  • The customer is responsible for obtaining a “Good Return Voucher” on return of goods to the company, but this does not oblige the company to issue a credit note all the prices invoiced to the customer when the customer bought the goods, if the goods returned cannot be disposed of by the company for any reason whatsoever.
  • Returned goods should be in original packaging.


  • The reservation E. & O.E (meaning errors and omissions excepted) governs in all circumstances.